Understand your Organization’s Needs Do you have a clear understanding of your organization’s risks and cybersecurity needs? We focus on helping you understand your organization so you can make well informed cybersecurity and risk management decisions. Read More Cybersecurity and Risk Management from the Ground Up Good cybersecurity and risk management practices do not happen by accident. Let Logical Security Services help you implement or strengthen a comprehensive cybersecurity or risk management program. Read More Identify Risks and GAPs in Compliance. Are the controls you selected and implemented working effectively? Are you aware of the risks in organization? Let us provide you with a clear picture of your current cybersecurity risks and GAPS in compliance. Read More Let Logical Security Services Help You Find out how Logical Security Services can help you with your cybersecurity, risk management, and privacy needs. Read More

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Logical Security Services, LLC focuses on providing organizations with end-to-end Cybersecurity, Risk Management, and Privacy Services. Our services are driven by the belief that you must first understand your business before you can implement effective and efficient cybersecurity controls and processes. Whether trying to manage risk or maintain compliance with one of the many security standards (CMMC, HIPAA, FISMA, HITECH, ISO, etc.) we can assist you in every phase of this effort from strengthening your understanding of your organization to implementing controls and monitoring risk.

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